Blackjack Bankroll Management

Don’t Lose A Lot Of Money Playing Blackjack

Managing your chips

The money should be kept on the table where the dealer can see and count it. Don’t put the chips in or around the betting circle as the dealer might think you are placing a bet.


Surrender is another strategic blackjack option which lets you minimize your losses. This is similar to how surrendering in a war keep your resources alive. This is how it works:

If you think that you are dealt one of the worst hands possible, for example, a jack and a six. And the dealer is showing a nine, ten or an ace. Surrendering your cards means that you give up half your bet and get out of the rest of the hand. This blackjack strategy saves you half the money on a hand you are certain to lose. You have to keep in mind that ‘surrender’ goes through only when the dealer does not have a black jack. Experts say that it is a good idea to surrender when you have a total of 15 or 16.

Money management

Money management is one of the most important things you have to keep in mind in a blackjack game so that you don’t incur a loss. It is recommended that you always start betting with the minimum bet on the table. Then upon winning it, you double up your money reserves. Now, again start with the minimum bet and then upon winning, keep your initial betting money with you and bet the remaining amount. Now you win again, bet double the minimum bet and keep the rest with you. And so on. In case of a loss at any stage revert back to the minimum bet. This is easily demonstrated with an example. Assume you are starting with $50 on a table with $5 minimum bet.

Bet                              Result of the Hand                Reserves after the hand

5                                              Win                                         50 + 5

5                                              Win                                         50 + 10

10                                            Win                                         50 + 20

20                                            Win                                         50 + 40

40                                            Lose                                        50

5                                              Win                                         50 + 5

Hand signals

It is important to know about the hand signals and gestures when playing in a casino. If the cards are dealt face up and you need another card, all you need to do is gently scratch the table or tap on it. If you don’t want another card, what you simply do is place your hand a few inches above your cards and wave it sideways indicating that you don’t need another card. To indicate that you don’t need another card, you could move the cards under the chips you bet.